Development Projects

  • 3 Network 4G LTE Internet Speeds

    3 Network 4G LTE Internet Speeds

  • This is the 4G LTE performance for 3 networks 4G LTE using a Linksys MR200 4G LTE Router quite acceptable. the Ping jitter is quite high, we can live with that I think as we will modify this with a local dns...

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  • Xeigu G90 FLRIG ( Enhanced Version )

  • The source code for the Xeigu G90 FLRIG combination is now available for download this will permit you to build the for your station, this is a forked version and we wnto teh core as soon as possible.

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  • Xeigu G90 HamLib Support (Update)

  • The basic hamlib support is working and we managed to work LZ3CB using only WSJTX ( no FLRIG ). 

    The PTT routines have been totally re-written and are now functioning as designed, the rig PTT control is...

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  • WSJTX Build Experience Using OSX Big Sur

  • So we had a working OSX Mojave System and wanted to update to the latest OS version Big Sur, the actions here were to first clone the Mojave partition and then boot from this and perform the upgrade. The upgrade proce...

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  • Xeigu G90 WSJTX support

  • Following a busy working week now looking at adding the Xeigu G90 support to WSJTX, this should be quite simple to do, were going to use the a branch of the integration branch to aid compiling with WSJTX codebase. Thi...

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  • Building WSJTX (Update)

  • Well we have got a little further in our quest to build an older development machine based on OSX, overall we like OSX but the dependency hell with PHP versions being installed using brew is now causing major issues.&...

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  • Building WSJTX Parallels Desktop

  • Despite Parallels Desktop being an excellent product its not fast enough for me to have a good development experience so I have  moved to using an older separate Mac Book Pro, this machine is a late 200...

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  • WSJTX Community

  • It has to be said that the lessons with building WSJTX and many that I will document, a big thanks goes to Bill G4JWS and Alex K6LOT, they were very helpful through the whole process.

    Thanks Guys.


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  • WSJTX Build Experience

    WSJTX Build Experience

  • I have decided now that I need to also spend some time and give WSJTX native support for the Xeigu G90, the first challenge will be to configure the build system to build WSJTX and HamLib using the custom branch...

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  • WSJTX Bridge

    WSJTX Bridge

  • We have now developed a new OSX program to log from WSJTX into the site, this uses a complex mapping of the WSJTX UDP message data structures 

    into a form suitable for parsing and creation in the log fi...

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  • WSJTX Memory Error

    WSJTX Memory Error

  • When starting WSJTX on OSX Big Sur you may see an error regarding shared memory, you can overcome this with the following commands.

    you will need to execute these on each reboot.

    sudo  sy...

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