WSJTX Build Experience Using OSX Big Sur

So we had a working OSX Mojave System and wanted to update to the latest OS version Big Sur, the actions here were to first clone the Mojave partition and then boot from this and perform the upgrade. The upgrade process was quite simple, we did have to convert the file system to APFS first and all components were in place. PHP worked out of the box.

We did have to upgrade xCode to the latest version and re-install the Mac Ports installer, once all installed we quickly reinstalled the required ports to be sure.

The we attempted to build WSJTX HamLib and FLRIG, all compiled and built with no issues. Perfect so now we can upgrade the main drive and all should be well.

After using this new configuration for a day now with all our development and ham radio tools we are totally happy with Big Sur now and have progressed into adding native G90 support to Hamlib for WSJTX.