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  • Raspberry PI 4 and Ubuntu Mate 22.04 Upgrade

  • Upgrading to Ubuntu Mate 22.04 was fairly painless but it did take rather a long time to complete.

    A couple of things that came out of the upgrade was the inability to use the USB Serial...

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  • FLRIG 1.3.55 updates

  • We identified an issue with power levels below 9 watts on the Xeigu G90 when using our custom FLRIG, we have patched the software now and the power levels are tracked correctly and operating correc...

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  • Ubuntu Mate 20.04 Argon One Fan Control ( and Ubuntu Mate 22.04 )

    Ubuntu Mate 20.04 Argon One Fan Control ( and Ubuntu Mate 22.04 )

  • Due to an issue with a kernel flag not being set the in the Ubuntu Kernal the current Argon One fan control script has an issue, the control system attempts to access /dev/mem to setup the shu...

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  • Building WSJTX from Source on Ubuntu & Linux Mint

    Building WSJTX from Source on Ubuntu & Linux Mint

  • There a multiple steps for Building WSJTX from source (ie from the SourceForge Git Repository these can be summarised as follows:

    1. Install Build tools
    2. Install Build time...

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  • Infinity Theme for Conky

    Infinity Theme for Conky

  • We have reworked a great theme for Conky called Infinity Dark that is based on a now unmaintained theme.

    check it out at https://github.com/digiqrp/infinity-dark.git

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  • Xeigu G90 ATU / Tuner support

  • Finally the developers at Xeigu have enabled the ATU switch and also Tune function so flrig can now be used to tune the inbuilt ATU.

    This comes with Firmware version G90 Firmwar...

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  • Linux (Laravel Valet) clone

  • We are now using on Linux Mint 20 a clone of Laravel Valet https://cpriego.github.io/valet-linux/faq.html

    This works perfectly and takes out a lot of the stress of building web syste...

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  • Laravel Development On Older Mac Hardware

  • I have an old Macbook Pro 2009 and wanted to use this as a dedicated development system for personal Laravel development.

    I installed OSX 10.13 El Capitan which is the version supporting...

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  • Framework Update

  • We have been working hard to integrate our fork of the AsgardCMS system, now moving to Laravel 9 presents us with an issue as does the intended upgrade to PHP 8.1. 

    This framewo...

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  • Google Chrome Invalid Code Signature

  • A bug affecting third-part applications on old Macs when using patches to run Catalina, several programs not only Google Chrome are affected, crashing displaying codesign errors.


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  • Country Code Support

    Country Code Support

  • We are using a limited set of manual country codes at the moment and have now decided to move to using an enhanced ISO-3166 based solution

    crafted as a module in its own right, this will...

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  • Band Summary

  • In the last few weeks we have been monitoring the bands mainly 20m and 30m the higher bands are still struggling due to lack of sunspot activity, 20 meters is quite hit and miss at the moment, 30m...

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  • No Display on Xeigu G90

    No Display on Xeigu G90

  • Tonight I powered on the G90 and the display was blank with only a clicking sound from the speaker.

    After checking the obvious power off the PSU and disconnect all the cables and reconnec...

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  • About DigiQRP

    About DigiQRP

  • These are the components / software used to build this site, we are using a our own custom CMS system that is easy to use our of the box.

    The CMS is a full-featured modular, multilingual...

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