WSJTX Build Experience

I have decided now that I need to also spend some time and give WSJTX native support for the Xeigu G90, the first challenge will be to configure the build system to build WSJTX and HamLib using the custom branch from the developer documentation, I am resiting forking WSJTX at the moment, if it does get to the stage where I will then I will not be using sourceforge for my repository, in my opinion Github is far superior, and there is not was i am going to use subversion for obvious reasons. I am somewhat dismayed at the lack of real documentation to build on OSX so my first port of call is to fix that issue and produce a document that can be used to build this from source on OSX.

To this end I will be using OSX High Sierra ( 10.13 ) for the initial build process running as a virtual machine using Parallels Desktop. Once this is achieved I will then move to the very latest operating system(s) for OSX and keep the documentation updated.

I have also decided now to move to a new Apple Mac Mini running the Apple M1 chipset, this will be a dedicated machine for ham radio use.


Mark G4LCH