3 Network 4G LTE Internet Speeds

This is the 4G LTE performance for 3 networks 4G LTE using a Linksys MR200 4G LTE Router quite acceptable. the Ping jitter is quite high, we can live with that I think as we will modify this with a local dnsmasq server, the advantage here is we can also block adverts etc.

We also worked out how to get around the 4G nat issues where you cannot connect to your 4G router remotely, its quite easy.

Out of the box the 3 Network 4G LTE setup is defined for a mobile phone and used the three.co.uk apn if you change this to 3internet with no user / password and set auth to CHAP you will then have a real mobile broadband connection that you can access from the Internet, setup a vpn or other services that you require. 

One note about ports you will notice that some ports are blocked:

23 SSH


The easy way around this is to have a these mapped by a virtual server so externally port 1022 maps to internally port 23 problem solved. Its quite common for this to be blocked by the ISP, you could of course make the SSH server use a different port which is recommended anyway.

An example of our own Local server being hosted via 4G is https://digiqrp.ddns.net or g4lch.com which is under development.



Mark G4LCH