Xeigu G90 HamLib Support (Update)

The basic hamlib support is working and we managed to work LZ3CB using only WSJTX ( no FLRIG ). 

The PTT routines have been totally re-written and are now functioning as designed, the rig PTT control is perfect with the Xeigu G90 driver as is the band switching etc.

We do see some collisions on the hamlib bus which is why these two routines need modification, we have traced these down to a split vfo method that was just not working as expected, in real terms we are not using split vfo but faking it in WSJTX so at this point its no big deal.

We have seen radom drop outs of the enable transmit button, we are sure that this is time-outs associated with the G90 or some return value not being set correctly as hamib control returns, we will continue to test the solution but overall its not too bad.

 We will in the initial stages make our support available via a fork and then submit a pull request into the main hamlib source code in due course as we need to test this support properly.


After a long debug session its clear that we need more work on the core timeouts for hamlib and the get_vfo() call, this is where the bus errors are emanating from, this is also why the tx button drops out, it thinks that there is a communication error, we are adding debug statements to track down the time out issues. Its may well be the case that we need to re-write the get_vfo method away from the standard Icom support one that ham lib provides.

True the Xeigu G90 does emulate the Icom command set but there are subtle differences that we need to cater for this is where we can override the supplied default method and implement our own.


Regards Mark G4LCH