FLRIG 1.3.55 updates

We identified an issue with power levels below 9 watts on the Xeigu G90 when using our custom FLRIG, we have patched the software now and the power levels are tracked correctly and operating correctly even at low power levels, we have verified 1 Watt through to 20 Watts ( full power ).

This has also resolved an issue with FLRIG hanging when exiting the application as it could not read the power levels correctly.

A code cleanup is also underway removing redundant code from the core code base, in particular focusing on the main G90 source code. This has been forked as we wish to be able to bring new features quicker. Of course we will send the source to the core FLRIG team to add this to their code also, we do not have write access to their repository hence why we use our own. The source has had a proper .gitignore added and also the version number incremented to version 1.3.55 and the changelog updated.

We have made the code available in our github repository. The offending code was a single line that was expecting a longer string that returned by the read of the rigs power level and a miss-match in the values used to look up the actual power level.

Please pull the latest code from https://github.com/digiqrp/fldigi-flrig.git and rebuild FLRIG with


sudo make install

The status of the custom FLRIG code is now its fully working with all features and ATU on and off works along with the Tune button that starts the rig auto tuning,

Happy Operating