WSJTX Bridge

We have now developed a new OSX program to log from WSJTX into the site, this uses a complex mapping of the WSJTX UDP message data structures 

into a form suitable for parsing and creation in the log file, this is quite difficult to work out but with the help of the WSJTX source code its now operating.

We are now hunting DX and will be developing this further to perform many of the functions of JTAlert but on a OSX based machine, it also open up the possibility of other developments such as band monitoring etc which is a powerful tool in itself.

This has been released via GitHub as an inital fallback release that used the deprecated ADIF broadcast, it will show you how to log contacts into your own site. We also have corresponding Laravel code to create the log entry in the database.

Checkout OSX WSJTX Bridge

We have also updated the CMS code to support direct logging from WSJTX, a nice UDP module provides the support for this, WSJTX now communicates with the host and sends the UDP datagram which the server picks up, processes and adds the contact to the logfile. This eliminates the need to have the bridge software running on the client. This calls the very same code that builds the log entry as the server is processing the ADIF data stream.

This is working amazing well now, we have also re-designed the logbook display system to display additional information along with performance improvements that now load the user interface even faster.  We are now moving on to the creation of the API to record digital stations heard much like pskreporter, this will permit us to map out propagation patterns that wil be useful when chasing DX. 

We are also considering investing in a multi band beam to enhance the station, with lots of dx contacts made on the vertical antenna its clear now we need a better antenna solution to capture the more exotic dx.


Regards Mark G4LCH.