Building WSJTX Parallels Desktop

Despite Parallels Desktop being an excellent product its not fast enough for me to have a good development experience so I have  moved to using an older separate Mac Book Pro, this machine is a late 2009 model but still able to run OSX 10.13 ( High Sierra ) so we have moved or core development to this machine. Fitted with extra RAM ( 8 GB ) and a fast SSD the machine is more than capable to delivering acceptable performance despite its age. 

The screen failed on this machine many years ago do it works perfectly with an external monitor, we removed the screen to be 100% safe, the CD drive was replaced with a conventional hard disk for extra storage. Its great that we can reuse old technology from 2009.

Our custom build of FLRIG need to be rebuild and this is now working perfectly and communicating with the Xeigu G90. We are going to release this as a fork, reason being the source for the latest version is adding GUI components that frankly are totally useless, while be develop or WSJTX native solution this will remain the primary method of ring control, we have noticed a minor issue with the power level mappings when the actual power level selected is lower than the requested level.  This is a simple fix with a re-map of the power level slider.

This does make me wonder do I really need a new Mac Mini I guess being able to use the Apple M1 processor is the only advantage here so we may well use both machines.

Following on from out install efforts with OSX 10.13 ( High Sierra ) the site was down and we were not able to install some important libraries, this has now been resolved by the developers and the site is now providing access to the repository, we did install Catalina with some patches to run on older machines, however this provided to be very unstable so we reverted to OSX High Sierra.

Regards G4LCH