Laravel Development On Older Mac Hardware

I have an old Macbook Pro 2009 and wanted to use this as a dedicated development system for personal Laravel development.

I installed OSX 10.13 El Capitan which is the version supporting this machine, if was not too long before I hit issues, the biggest being homebrew and Composer they would not install correctly due to the age of the operating system.

So We installed OSX Catalina with the help of DosDudes Patcher and will we were suffering issues with composer but this time with an invalid hardware exception.  

It then occurred to me that I would use Linux with this core 2 Duo Machine, so we are now installing Linux Mint along site the OSX operating systems.

OSX El Capitan is of no real use so the plan is to replace this with Linux Mint.


We have now removed the 'hacked' versions of OSX and run totally Linux Mint 20 on the older MacBook Pro.  We not only  have a working development environment with support for PHP development but also support for development of WSJTX and FLRIG.

Its now my primary digital workstation and development system for personal projects. WSJTX and FLRIG work perfectly.